About Us

Who Are We?

We are representative agents of Italian furniture producers, with over two decades of experience in the Scandinavian and Baltic markets. Together with the companies we represent, we promise SELECTION, COMPETENCE, and PROXIMITY – a strategy guiding us in promoting the image and quality of some of the best Italian firms in the global furniture market.

Our Marketing Philosophy:

  • Analysis of customer and consumer needs and problems.
  • Attention to market evolutions and new trends.


GM PROMOTION can offer you a tailored selection of suppliers and products, based on your business and your clients’ needs. We have an excellent track record of finding solutions that will maximize your showroom space, bolster your projects, and increase turnover.

  • Search and evaluation of suitable quality standards.
  • Targeting highly saleable products.
  • Aligning with our customers’ objectives.


Today’s customers can be overwhelmed by the excess of products available, the ever-growing selection, and the complexity of choices. They seek confirmation and support in clarifying their options, hence, look for competent suppliers. Our core strength comes from years of experience in product and market development, combined with best practices in working with clients on-site, planning, and other supports. We continuously learn and improve over time.

  • Experience in furniture production and manufacturing.
  • Planning showroom areas and supporting sales preparations.



  • Effective communication with suppliers and customers.
  • Logistical proposals.
  • Support and after-sales guarantees.

We Offer You:

  • Responding to each inquiry within 24 hours.
  • Sending fabric/finish samples to you or your end customers.
  • Assistance and control for special orders and those of particular importance.